Welcome to Oceanworx

OCEANWORX LLC is a globally operating sports marketing, media production & distribution founded by international media authority Mr. David Jones in the year 2000.

OCEANWORX is a small company and we like it that way. We take pride in being able to stay personally involved in every step of our projects and when needed, partner with highly skilled, passionate and creative people to extend our capabilities to guarantee you the best results.

As your global media partner, we operate on behalf of you and aim for spectacular results in worldwide media communication.

`Our creativity, credibility and unconventional approaches help companies and organizations to market products, to build a media presence and credibility with the demographics´. David Jones

Latest Milestones:

In May 2011 OCEANWORX was officially announced as the exclusive marketing agency of SPORTEL, the worlds only convention for the sports media industry.

In September 2013 OCEANWORX signed a collaboration agreement with Integrated Solutions Inc. for the development and global distribution of lifestyle and entertainment TV channels.